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Introducing the TR110, our largest and most powerful truck-mounted drilling rig

February 20, 2017

Introducing the TR110, our largest and most powerful truck-mounted drilling rig

We’re thrilled to unveil the TR110, the latest addition to our TR Series family, at CONEXPO-CON/AGG
beginning today in Las Vegas. A redesign of the TR100, the TR110 delivers simpler, quieter drilling
with increased productivity and higher torque. It’s the largest and most powerful truck-mounted
drill in our fleet. As with all of our TR Series rigs, the TR110 answers the call for powerful, reliable,
customizable truck-mounted drilling.

What makes the TR110 unique?

The TR110 incorporates three major design changes.

It has more horsepower than any truck-mounted drill on the market

PTO design and integration changes allow the drill rig to harness the same horsepower from the truck
to the drill. With no auxiliary engine, customers will see a cost savings in having one engine versus
two—and get the added bonus of better visibility and noise reduction with the absence of the upper

It’s more environmentally friendly

The TR110 is designed to be mounted on a standard heavy duty truck with an engine that meets
the latest emission standards. The first TR110 drill, which was designed for Scott Powerline & Utility
Equipment, will be mounted to a Kenworth T800 twin steer/tri drive five-axle configuration and a triple
frame. Using a base model truck from a reliable and proven industry-leading company makes it easier
for customers to receive truck-related parts and service from their local industrial truck dealer.

It features a new rotary for higher drill speeds

On the TR110, the entire gearbox has been redesigned to use a triple drive planetary-motor
combination; much like the DH60 L┼ŹDril. Previously, a single shifting planetary was used. This change
increases torque by 10 percent, allows for up to 60 rpm in high drill speeds and allows for spinoff to
be achieved by pilot pressure and shifting the swashplate in the motor. Get the full specs here.

Onsite at CONEXPO? Stop by and see the TR110 in person at booth #S-5432.

Add power, depth and flexibility to your fleet with the TR Series

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