Versatility for utilities: Meet the TR20

March 14, 2017

Versatility for utilities: Meet the TR20

Since the time when “Stayin’ Alive” by the Bee Gees was at the top of the Billboard chart, we’ve engineered drilling rigs for the power transmission and distribution industry – rigs that boast low-clearance drilling while offering plenty of power and utmost efficiency. The TR20 is the latest rig to roll out of our garage designed with utility jobs in mind.

100% hydraulic; 0 kelly winch

Customer feedback drove the design of the TR20 – a rig that will quickly become the workhorse of your fleet. The TR20 is a 100% hydraulic rotary truck mounted drill rig engineered for high performance, reliability and productivity, with 21,500 ft. lbs. of hydraulic torque, 15’ drill depth, no kelly winch and variable drill height from 22’ 5” to 17’ 11”. Your next power player, it’s ideal for drilling under communication lines and hot wires.

Environment and budget conscious

The TR20 gets its power from the truck engine and not a secondary auxiliary engine – reducing the environmental impact and other associated costs with running a second engine. The lack of the deck engine means better visibility for operators, offering nearly 360-degree line-of-sight, and lower decibel levels so people on the jobsite can hear each other better. We’re the only manufacturer offering this type of design.

Customizable and operator friendly

The TR20 can be upgraded with several options suitable for the utility industry. These include a power line detector, single element kelly bar, increased side tilt and pole grab. Best of all, our customers tell us the TR20 is easy to operate featuring simple, ergonomic multi-function controls designed by drillers themselves.

Interested in learning more about the TR20? Check out our video or contact us today.

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