PSSR March 2020 Announcement

Do you remember the first time you realized toilet paper wasn’t free and it was a crock of bull that you had to budget that into your meager income? Well…it sucked. Now people are making jokes and fighting over the very thought of being without this vital necessity.

Remember the beginning of 2019 when government shutdowns and extreme weather challenges caused project delays, backlog piled up then released with a vengeance the threat of penalties for delays and endangered bonuses; all mounting against skilled labor shortages and safety? There was not even enough rental equipment to ease the burden of necessity.

Well it is unfortunate, but we are now in the middle of a life-threatening pandemic and we can play our part in helping with all the health safety measures but we also know that projects are backing up and 2019 déjà vu feels imminent. For Drillers, production is everything and everyone feels the sting when a site is down for a day. Just like the price for toilet paper increased to rival gold, so will last minute overnighted expedited parts for machinery at any time but surely when global shortages zoom to the top of the charts.

Bay Shore System’s PSSR program is designed to prevent challenges. Peace of mind for revenue generation and tightening margins ranks at the top of the list for our customers. Many are choosing to utilize this time wisely to take a serious look at their equipment. PSSR’s Preventative Maintenance Program (PMP) is the perfect start to avoid the price of gold maintenance. Schedule today your complimentary inspection either done by instant remote discovery sessions now or for a future complimentary onsite inspection starting as early as the end of April. 

For any questions or comments please contact (208) 687-3311, reach out directly to a Bay Shore Systems PSSR, or email us at


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