Tight spaces. Low overhead. No problem for the LAD100.

Tight spaces. Low overhead. No problem for the LAD100.

Do you have a pickup truck and drive into a parking lot full of compact only parking spaces? How are you going to fit?

That’s the same challenge of limited access jobs. Your full-sized drill rig isn’t small enough to get to them. The LAD is compact and powerful enough to complete work on drill sites where access is limited and/or environmental impact must be kept to a minimum.   

Just ask Coastal Foundation Drilling Company who had to put a billboard sign in Tomball, Texas in a day. Coastal had several larger Bay Shore Systems LoDril’s in their fleet that they thought could do the job until they considered the access restrictions and due date. They had been considering purchasing a Bay Shore LAD100 for several years and just had one delivered. Their LAD100 was mounted on a Komatsu PC88MR-10 with 10,000 ft-lbs. (14 kN-m) torque capacity, maximum hole depth of 40 feet (12 m), and attachment height of 7 feet, 8 inches (2.4 m). They decided to put it to the test on this project.


Small drills consistently making big profits for our customers.

Coastal’s scope of work was to install one 48-inch diameter 18-foot deep dry hole within five feet of an existing light pole in a strip mall that would remain open during the construction. The confines of the strip mall with restricted access made the job site challenging in addition to the constant flow of vehicles entering and exiting the property. In addition, the LAD100 was new to the company and new to the operator.

“This rig performed the job with relative ease,” said Mike Campbell, President, Coastal Foundation Drilling Company. “We were surprised with the little machine’s performance. We didn’t fully realize the capabilities of this machine until we used it and were blown away. It was delivered, we immediately loaded it on our trailer, took it out to work on this job and started making money that first day.”

Coastal completed this project in just three hours, impressing the contractor, the sign company, the operator, and Mr. Campbell. This was accomplished by having a small machine with the power, productivity, and high torque from a company that pioneered limited access drilling equipment.

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