Are you one of the 18,000 industry professionals going?

Are you one of the 18,000 industry professionals going?

We know we wouldn't miss it. Bay Shore will be exhibiting at ICUEE 2017 October 3-5, 2017 in the Area K demo lot with five drill rigs you can "try before you buy." Get a first-hand look and hands on experience with our custom-engineered foundation drill rigs, including a LAD100, TR20, TR40 truck, TR80 and LoDril DH20. These versatile rigs can drill through, over, or under just about anything, which makes them the safest bet in the industry.

  • The LAD100 is designed to bring a small drill with deep drilling capabilities to severely restricted access jobs. It allows utility companies to work in and around hot substations. No waiting to get the job done. This saves thousands of dollars in outages, man labor and time. With torque ranges from 5,000 ft.-lbs. (6.8 kN-m) to 40,000 ft.lbs. (54 kN-m), the LAD series make the tough restricted height and space jobs easy. 

  • TR20 is a rig that boasts low-clearance drilling while offering plenty of power and utmost efficiency. 20,000 ft.-lbs. (27.2 kN-m) of torque, 37’ (11.2 m) drilling depth, crowd force 20,000 lbs. and 10% left/right side tilt help you to set your rig quickly and precisely.

  • The TR40 is 100% hydraulic rotary truck mounted drill rig designed specifically for the power transmission and distribution industry. With 40,000 ft.-lbs. (60 kN-m) of torque, drilling depth of 40’ (12.2 m) with three elements, hole diameters up to 72 inches (1,800 mm) and drill speeds of up to 60 RPM, this rig is mobile and powerful. 

  • TR80 – when Bay Shore recognizes a need in the drill rig market, we like to be the first to respond. In this case, we knew there was a demand for a limited access drill rig that had the torque capable of drilling large diameter shafts. If that weren’t enough, it had to be easy to transport. Welcome the TR80. With 80,000 ft.-lbs. (108.5 kN-m) of rotary torque, drilling depth of 60’ (18.3 m), hole diameters up to 132” (2,700 mm), and transport weight of 84,000 lbs., it has just the right edge for increased power and productivity.

  • LoDril DH20 – long known as the workhorse of the fleet. With 21,500 ft.-lbs. of rotary torque, drilling depth of 60’ (18.29 m) and attachment height of just 14’ 8” (4.48 m), and maximum overhead of 33’ 10” (10.31 m), the LoDril drilling system has the power and low clearance advantages to work under bridges or powerlines, over obstacles or on slopes.

We invite you to visit us at ICUEE 2017 October 3-5, 2017 at the Kentucky Exposition Center in Louisville, Kentucky to view these products and more. Area K, Booth K-372.

The International Construction and Utility Equipment Exposition (ICUEE), also known as The Demo Expo, is held every two years and focuses on the job needs of utilities and utility contractors in the electric, telecommunications/cable, natural gas, water and wastewater sectors. Attendees can test-drive the latest equipment, watch live demonstrations of new products and technologies, and take advantage of best-practices industry education. See for more information.

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