January 02, 2018

Bay Shore to Unveil Two New Rigs at IFCEE 2018

Bay Shore Systems will be exhibiting at IFCEE 2018 in Orlando, Florida from March 5-10, 2018. At the expo, Bay Shore will unveil two new drilling rigs, the LAD400 and the TR60.

“The drilling industry continues to develop products and services that meet the increasing demand for residential and commercial infrastructure such as residential buildings, commercial buildings, bridges, highways, metro rails, transmission and distribution,” says Jim Tippett, chief sales officer of Bay Shore Systems. “Over the course of our 40-year history, we have consistently demonstrated our ability and commitment to provide innovative products and services that help our customers increase their profitability. The LAD400 and TR60 are two of our newest products that achieve that goal.”

IFCEE attendees are encouraged to visit Bay Shore’s exhibition space at booths 200-204, 206, 224, and 226 in the Blue Lot, to tour the latest additions to our drilling rig family. The LAD400 and TR60. 


The TR60 is the newest member in the TR Series. This machine was developed to provide a deeper drilling depth with a shorter attachment height than the TR80. The TR60 has rotary torque of 66,000 ft.-lbs. (90 kN-m); drills 40 feet (12m) deep with RLKs and 15 feet (4.5m) overhead, or 50 feet (15m) deep with square bars; segmented mast, 13 degrees of side tilt; and over 9 feet (2.7m) of reach. The TR60 will also mount to a smaller excavator, 25 ton, making the transport weight 79,000 lbs. (36,000 kg) for the tall mast and 75,000 lbs. (34,000 kg) for the short mast.


The LAD400 is designed to bring a small drill with deep drilling capabilities to severely restricted access jobs. It allows utility companies to work in and around hot substations. No waiting to get the job done. This saves thousands of dollars in outages, man labor and time. With rotary torque of 40,000 ft.-lbs. (54 kN-m), drilling depths of up to 60 feet (18m), and attachment height of just 11 feet (3.4m), the LAD400 makes the tough restricted height and space jobs easy.

We invite you to visit us at IFCEE 2018 March 5-10, 2018 at the Hilton Orlando Buena Vista Palace in Orlando, Florida to view this products plus a DH20, LAD100, TR40 truck and TR80 truck, Blue Lot, spaces 200-204, 206, 224 and 226.

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