6 Feet Off The Ground – No Big Deal for the TR150

6 Feet Off The Ground – No Big Deal for the TR150

Pouring rain, hot distribution and transmission, foundation six feet off the ground in a planter box and pre-Christmas mayhem, made the Missouri Flat – Gold Hill 230kV drilling project in El Dorado Hills, California an attention-grabbing project for kV Structures, Inc., a utility contractor builder specializing in foundations for the power industry.

kV was hired to upgrade 12.5 miles of shoe-fly line, to temporarily handle power when the transmission line is rebuilt later in 2017. The shoe-fly consisted of 200 locations with light duty steel or wood poles being set to complete the shoe-fly. The transmission line has 62 new tubular steel poles being installed on new foundations.

A Bay Shore TR150-60 was used to put in the most challenging of the foundations 6.5 feet x 20 feet deep in a planter box that was 6 feet high and 11 feet away from the wall. The TR150 had to be elevated 3.5 feet so the counterweight would clear the retaining wall. This was all happening in a busy grocery store parking lot just prior to Christmas. kV reduced the time it took to mobilize onto the site, drilled the foundation, and returned the section of the parking lot to the grocery store by 25% because of the performance capabilities and productivity of the TR150.

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