Drill bigger, faster and deeper with the TR200

Drill bigger, faster and deeper with the TR200

The excavator mounted TR200 is Bay Shore’s largest and most powerful model to date, designed to run up to 16-foot diameter tools. It was built off the success of the TR150 model with the goal to drill faster in tougher soil conditions.

The following improvements were made relative to the TR150:

  • 30 percent more torque (200,000 ft-lb max)

  • 40 percent more crowd force (50,000-pound)

  • Beefed up boom, rotary, and mast

While the TR150 can drill up to 80 feet deep, it is limited to a 4-element kelly bar. The TR200 will be able to take a 5-element square bar allowing 80-foot drill depths in a much shorter attachment height.

A new, 2-speed, load sensing kelly winch starts in high gear, but will automatically down shift to low gear when extra lifting grunt is needed. The automatic shift is 100% hydraulically controlled for reliability. High gear (200 feet per minute rope speed) will lift loads up to 35,000 pounds. Low gear will lift 50,000 pounds verses the TR150 40,000-pound winch. All lowered loads use high gear which lowers 25% faster than the current TR150 winch.

When required, the TR200 drilling attachment can be quickly removed from the excavator for easier transport between job sites. Standard quick disconnect hydraulic connectors speed the attachment removal.

The TR200 with the extra torque, kelly winch capacity, and only slight structural changes to keep the attachment height low gives you a huge advantage drilling bigger diameter foundations, faster, through the hardest rock formations.

Interested in learning more about the TR200? Check out our video or contact us today.

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