Don't Let the Small Size Fool You

Don't Let the Small Size Fool You

Adam Ant, Mighty Mouse – what comes to mind when you hear those words? Small, powerful, with a lot of punch. That’s exactly how we would describe the new LAD400.

Our customers say it best, “We have put the LAD in the tightest spaces and through the most treacherous terrain…this rig has come out on top every time and proven itself to be the most widely used and profitable rig we own.”

The LAD400 was designed to bring deep drilling capabilities to restricted access jobs…and it delivers. With an attachment height of 11 feet (3.4 meters), this small rig can drill to depths of 80 feet (18 meters), combined with rotary torque of 40,000 ft.-lbs.(54 kN-m) allowing you to make quick work of even tough soil conditions. It is ideal for limited access drilling conditions including under and next to power poles, residential foundations, elevator shafts, and engineered landscape projects.

Engine power is key on this small rig. Torque ratings can be deceiving if not compared at production drill speeds. The LAD400 maintains high torque ratings at higher drill speeds of 60 RPM where many competitive rigs will peak out below 10 RPM significantly increasing your daily production making this rig one of the most profitable rigs you’ll ever own.

Bay Shore has been designing drill rigs for utility contractors and companies for decades. These relationships have allowed us to develop a deep knowledge of drilling applications in the powerline construction industry. Transmission and distribution line, and substation foundations are some of the different types of projects we have done. This machine has performed in every kind of environment from river crossings to rocky slopes to fire ravaged areas.

So, don’t let the small size fool you – this quality rig will get your job done quickly.

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