Committed to continued service to the companies that choose our products, we offer an efficient, after sales department made up of skilled technicians immediately available and spare parts that can be shipped same day. Timely and responsive, the service closely follows the customer no matter where they’re located. We are not just a manufacturer, but a reliable partner for the entire life of our equipment.

We’re proud to be an authorized distributor for the following high-quality products to help get the most out of your rig.


Solid state electronic safety system for detecting proximity to energized high voltage power lines, with both audible and visual warning signals that alert the operator and ground personnel

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Time for maintenance?

Reduce downtime and stay on top of maintenance with our Product Support Program led by Product Support Sales Representatives (PSSRs) who partner with you to monitor your equipment and meet your specific service needs—leaving you to focus on running your business. Our PSSRs have extensive knowledge of Bay Shore equipment, parts and services.

A product maintenance service program can save you money over the life of your equipment by keeping it operational and extending its life. You can customize your maintenance program to meet unique drilling requirements such as:

  • Scheduled maintenance as specified in your Operation & Maintenance Manual

  • Walk-around inspection of your equipment, including kelly bearing and kelly bars

  • Oil and wear assessment

  • Electronic maintenance history of your equipment

  • Help predicting when a major component needs repair or overhaul

  • Discussing repair options and guaranteed pricing

Need spare parts?

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