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40,000 FT-LBS


60 FT


78 in

hole diameter (max)

LAD400 Excavator LōDril Overview

The LAD400 is a member of Bay Shore Systems’ Limited Access Drill Series, which consists of low-profile excavator-mounted drill rigs, each one known for their compact size and reliability. With a modest attachment height of 11 feet, simple controls, and seamless maneuverability, the LAD400 is the perfect tool for those tight, close-quarters jobs that would make our competitors feel claustrophobic. 


Bay Shore System’s drill rigs have always remained on the very cutting edge of technology and their new EOH System is no exception. By moving away from the more traditional pilot-controlled hydraulic systems in favor of ones that are controlled electronically, Bay Shore’s rigs are now compatible with the EOH excavators that have come to be seen as the standard as of late. In addition to ensuring that all Bay Shore attachments can be mounted on the excavator of your choice, this new EOH Control System has other benefits as well. One of which is its streamlined control functionality, which operates by use of a digital touch screen, allowing the operator to change settings on the fly. This innovative feature, coupled with the system’s new advanced troubleshooting capabilities, which include near-instantaneous feedback, will drastically reduce your downtime, allowing you to resolve issues that in the past would have taken a day in only a few hours.

The lad series drills get you into tight spots - and out again

It doesn’t matter whether you plan on working on residential foundations, engineered landscapes, or even performing complex operations from within building interiors (e.g. drilling down elevator shafts), this machine has got you covered. However, don’t make the mistake of thinking its unassuming size is any indication of a lack of power. With a rotary torque of up to 40,000 ft-lbs and a drilling capacity reaching as far as 60 feet, the LAD400 is no joke and is more than capable of taking on any challenge you put in front of it. Word of advice, don’t call em’ “shorty.”

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