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25,000 FT-LBS


80 FT


54 IN



An important addition to Bay Shore System’s ground-breaking TR Series, the TR25 boasts an impressive level of versatility while refusing to compromise on reliability or power. Its low profile, light weight, and intuitive controls make it is easy to operate and with its fully integrated kelly winch and powerful rotary torque, the TR25 is guaranteed to take your projects to new depths. Designed to be the swiss army knife of rigs, it will outperform the competition in a wide variety of conditions: from standard foundation drilling to drilling in rock or near power lines and utility foundations. No matter where the jobs takes you, the TR25 is up to the task.

Fully integrated Kelly Winch

100% hydraulic, with a fully integrated kelly winch, and three different mounted solutions available (truck, track, or excavator), the TR25 gives you more freedom than ever to choose how you approach the job.  For more information on the TR25, contact Bay Shore Systems today.

Electric-over-Hydraulic (EOH) Control System

Bay Shore System’s drill rigs have always remained on the very cutting edge of technology and their new EOH System is no exception. By moving away from the more traditional pilot-controlled hydraulic systems in favor of ones that are controlled electronically, Bay Shore’s rigs are now compatible with the EOH excavators that have come to be seen as the standard as of late. In addition to ensuring that all Bay Shore attachments can be mounted on the excavator of your choice, this new EOH Control System has other benefits as well. One of which is its streamlined control functionality, which operates by use of a digital touch screen, allowing the operator to change settings on the fly. This innovative feature, coupled with the system’s new advanced troubleshooting capabilities, which include near-instantaneous feedback, will drastically reduce your downtime, allowing you to resolve issues that in the past would have taken a day in only a few hours.

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