Drill Sergeant Roadshow 2023

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Drill Sergeant Road Show 2023

In July and August of 2023 Bay Shore Systems is bring the Drill Sergeant to you! We will be touring the Drill Sergeant across North Idaho and Eastern Washington, the West coast, and Texas area. Our roadshow will kick off in North Idaho and Eastern Washington in early July, then will be headed to the West coast in late July. We will conclude the tour in the Texas area in early August! 

To set up your demo please reach out to the representative in your respective region:

  • North Idaho & Eastern Washington – Bill Harrington: (208) 660-5267
  • West Coast – Jeff Fickel: (208) 699-8840
  • Texas Area – Jason Smith: (817) 235-8401

We look forward to the opportuntiy to showcase the capabilities of the Drill Sergeant and give you a firsthand look at the expanded business opportunities it will create for your organization!